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Automatically add location to the expenses#107

Automatically add location to the expenses and add corresponding option in the settings. So the heatmap will look completed after some time.

a year ago

For those, who use sync with bank, this functionality can be useless and problematic. Which location should be added in records created after sync with the bank? Also, the sync is performed with delay, so if application will check and write location based on the location where the phone is in the time of synchronisation, than there is a risk that most of records will have location set to users’ home or workplace.

However, for those who do not use synchronisation with bank(s) and add record just after the real transaction (in shop, café, etc) it could be useful.

a year ago

I believe the bank transaction contains merchant info and that should also contain location. So it could work with bank sync

2 months ago

Whats weird is this was already a feature. I have data from 2018-2020 which I’m very sure I didn’t manually input, they removed just using your current location, and won’t even allow arbitray coordinates now, you need to name every “place” you want to create a record on

8 days ago