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Add totals in the Budgets and Goals tab#16


‘Please include totals for the period such as:

  • the total amount of all planned budgets;
  • the total amount of all current expenses;
  • and most importantly, the remaining amount, that is, the current amount minus the total amount.

This will help to understand how much money is needed until the end of the period to stay in the budget.

As an example from another application (second screenshot, underlined)

a year ago

And for some reason such feature was available before, and got removed
So please bring it back

a year ago

You can check totals for budgets and spent money under those budgets in section “Budgets” (not the one under a tab on home page, but the one available from left side menu).

a year ago

the total of the remaining budget to be spent is critical. it is shown per budget, but not as a total. very weird. simple update to do for them

to Kamil Wójcik
No it’s not. it’s the total spent, and total budgets. but when you define budgets for a total of , let’s say 1000€. if you have spent 400, I think it is more critical to know what you can spend (ie 1000-400=600) rather than what you have spent. I don’t want to do the math myself, they can do it easily, it’s a 5mn change for a SW engineer

9 months ago

This should be a feature for “Zero Based Budget”. That’s when the planned income (minus) planned expenses (equals) zero. That way you know that every dollar (or euro, etc.) has a job to do, whether that’s bills, savings, investing, etc.

I am moving over from EveryDollar which had Zero Based Budgeting as a central feature, and it’s very sorely needed with the Wallet app.

a month ago