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Link, merge or reimbursement feature#191


There are some transactions which should have nullify effect on our budgeting like:
• Purchase return: fully or partial
• Transactions failure(debited then credited)
• Group expenses with single or multiple friends
• Reimbursement(office expenses, business trips etc. which are reimbursable)

Due to all these transactions, both our expenses and income increases which will result wrong statistics.

Current Solution
First of all, use the split feature feature if the transaction have partial reimbursable part.

  1. Create a sub-subcategory or rename any sub-category
  2. You can make 1 sub-subcategory for both debit & credit or 2 different for debit & credit transactions.
  3. Now create a filter to exclude that/those sub subcategory , and need to use filter every time.

Problems in this solution
• Need to use filter every time
• Need to remember to exclude those categories every time while making a new budget.

Proposed Solutions

  1. Link/merge transactions: Link or merge both the debit and credit transaction into a single transaction so that the transaction amount will become 0. And now it will not affect the stats because of single transaction with 0 amount. This can solve the current problems but have their own problems such as:
    • Linking 2-3 transactions will be easy to find and merge like in case of transactions failure, or purchase return but in case of reimbursement, what if there is 15+ reimbursable transaction(at work or business trip) in a month and next month we get reimbursed. It will be difficult to find and link too many transactions.
    • This new feature will only increase the work to find those transactions and link them.

  2. What if the work will not increase and also get the purpose we need.
    What purpose? Exclude those transactions from income and expenses so actual stats will be shown.
    There is already have a feature which can be used by doing some improvements in it.
    That is Debt category which we used for group expenses. E.g. spend 100 for 4 person 25 each including me. Split 100 into 4 of 25. One 25 will go to specific category and remaining 3 will go to debt category and Debt feature is used for lent to 3 person. And receiving from them also go to debt category. And add that record in debt feature. That’s it.
    In this case debt amount will come into cash flow stats but not “spending stats” and “income & expense stats”. This is what we need from those nullify transaction also.

So we can also use debt category for those transactions also if anyone want to do. But it will be very useful to have more categories like debt which are out of income & expenses stats but include in cash flow stats.
Suggestions for categories: Reimbursement, Purchase return, Null, Void, or can move the already “custom categories” which is extra. And also can move “business trips category” from transportation because this is not our actual expense.
Creating this new categories will be good to solve this issue but should also have easy to select, not through search icon and typing. These extra categories should also be seen like most frequent categories slot which is just above all the various categories when selecting a category for a transaction.

a year ago
9 months ago

Purchase return and transactions failure would be very uselful for me too! Especially on iOS

8 months ago

This also applies to rent if you’re splitting the payment with roommates or a partner
I pay the landlord all of the rent (eg.1,000$), and my partner pays me her half (eg. 500$)

So instead of having just 500$ rent expenses in the statistics, it appears as if I have 1,000$ rent expenses, and an additional 500$ in income…
That’s ridiculous

8 months ago

I agree with Yan. At first, I also found it is ridiculous regarding the splitting payment, but I came up with a practical solution to manage the issue of. I created a separate account called “payables/receivables” specifically for my roommate. Whenever he paid me, let’s say $500, I would immediately record that amount in the payables account. Then, when it was time to make the payment to the landlord, I recorded $500 as an expense under my rental expenses. Simultaneously, I deducted the same $500 from the payables account. This approach helped me keep track of the transactions but need to key in 2 entries instead of 1. Hope they can improve this as a split feature, so I no need to create another account for this. Please introduce split feature in future. Thanks.

7 months ago

Same for sending money between my account. If I had them all synced, then I’ll see the money transfer as income and outcome. Should not be in the statistics at all.

Would be nice to be able to mark bank account numbers to be ignored as well.

6 months ago

Same here. Would be great to have a category that is not shown in the stats

6 months ago

Same here. Happy I am not alone

3 months ago

Yes please on this one

2 months ago

Wow, glad I’m not the only one that noticed this problem. I think there needs to be a clear distinction between income and expense categories. If I put something into an expense category, but it’s a positive transaction (i.e. I’m getting paid) I want to subtract that amount from that category’s expense, not have it increase my income.

2 months ago

I completely agree!

a month ago

I also need this on urgent basis pleas, This is totally showing wrong stats and also can’t make sub category for each main category as reversal happen for any category. Also this too much work for every user

a month ago

The way I have to do it is creating a new Bank Account and everytime I paid a bill I made a transaction of the debt value (sometimes I need to split) to this account and when people pays me I classify it as a transaction from that account to my current account. It’s not perfect, of course, but It works very well and allows me to control if everyone paid =)

a month ago

This simple feature needs be implemented ASAP.

My previous bank had an embedded budgeting tool and it was very simple :

  • purchase item, list as expense in category X
  • return and get refund, list as income in category X
  • the balance in that category always appeared as the net result of all these transactions. It was seamless by default. Never had to put much throught into it.

Now with Wallet, I’m always over my budgeting target in home improvements and I do not want to delete operations nullified by a return bc it would mess up the cash-flow graph over time.

a month ago

I would also love to see this feature ASAP.
Since the Debt functionality does not work as I wish, I’m also using the transaction split and a specific debt account where I send the transactions that should not appear in my statistics but that’s a bit time consuming

15 days ago