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View expenses by month in statistics#216


I want to see my expenses by month in statistic not only as a graph but also as see the number for each month. For example as a pop-up window by click

a year ago

Thank you for providing us with this feedback.

We encourage more users to come forward and express their interest in this feature. Once it gains more traction and we see a higher demand for it, we can pass it over to the developers for their consideration.

a year ago

I agree.
It would be nice to view this data in a table, and possibly with the average.

Something the app Expense Manager has:

9 months ago

And the option to define the period by date

5 months ago

Yes! I would want to have possibility to see my expenses mothn by month, category to category! WIth possibility to define future

5 months ago

Yes, I agree. It doesn’t need to be a sophisticated feature, but it’s quite useful to see how your spending on certain categories have changed over the past few months.

4 months ago

I agree. There is not possibility to easily answer questions like: “How much money did I spend for food in August 2023?”

Also I would highly appreciate option to define own period.

4 months ago

YES! This feature is the most missing part! Don’t understand why the 3days, month, 12 weeks, etc exists but not monthly view.

Would be good to also see the “average monthly spending” over last 12 month.
Then it’s possible to compare spendings each month with the “average” to see if you were above or below what you normally spend.

3 months ago

Monthly view exists now. What does not exist, is to see how the spending on some sub-category evolved over a period of time (table, graph). This would be really useful.

3 months ago

Hi, please bring a feature of a monthly calendar which shows upcoming payments on a date and the same is clickable.

22 days ago

Hi, why on iOS is it not possible to have the setting of the starting day of the month like on Android? I really love this app and I think with this feature it can encourage people like me to buy time of life plan

18 days ago