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More icons to customise Categories#226


We need more icons for categories/goals etc, app’s quite lacking in the icon department

2 years ago

Please add more icons to customize categories. There are some missing like icon for medications, icon for shoes, icon for coffee/tea, icon for events like wedding, party etc, icon for sweets, icon for cinema. Please, I have premium plan and I will appreciate it a lot if the icon package will be more complex to customize categories. Please check other budget tracking apps where they have plenty of various icons and extend the current icons collection. Best regards.

a year ago
Changed the status to
More Info
3 months ago

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We encourage more users to come forward and express their interest and struggles with the current system so we can better understand your needs of which categories are needed.
Once the post gains more traction and we see a higher demand for this, we can pass it over to the developers for their consideration.

3 months ago

Hi, I think we need more Icons for things like video games, subscription service, etc.

3 months ago

Wallet need more icon pack for (paid or free icon pack) ex: Amazon , Netflix,,,etc …. if possible by developer allow us to make costum icon using image (png,jpg.. like that ) very useful for us to monitor our daily status … I hope for 2024 new year special .. new features

3 months ago

The app should have more icons, including icons for subscription services (music, movies, games), sports, products (meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits), tea, coffee, fast food establishments (pizza, burger, hot dog, donuts, desserts, sushi), recreation places (parks, water parks, amusement parks, saunas, baths, swimming pools, bowling, billiards), cultural recreation (theater, opera and ballet, music concerts, orchestra), clothes (warm clothes, light clothes, shoes), car-related expenses (fuel, tires, undercarriage, body repair, auto accessories, car washing, wheel alignment), and self-care (beauty salons, hairdressers, massage services, spas).

The app should allow users to create and delete categories.
Add new icon using image ( paid icon pack)

3 months ago

The devs could use the free tier of the open source font-aweome library:

2 months ago

I don’t know about the icons, but the option to modify the main and subcategories is a must. Not all of us fit the same set of categories they provide

2 months ago