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Custom icons for accounts#252


I have a lot of accounts spanning multiple banks, brokers, and crypto exchanges. It would help greatly to set corresponding icons for each of them. After all, they all have dedicated icons. And the set of built-in icons won’t ever be enough, since new banks, brokers, exchanges, fin-tech, and defi start-ups appear monthly.

Please add the ability to upload custom icons. Look how beautiful it is in another tracking app that I use currently.

a year ago
Changed the status to
More Info
3 months ago

Hello, thank you for your feedback.
We encourage more users to come forward and express their interest in this feature.
Once the post gains more traction and we see a higher demand for this feature, we can pass it over to the developers for their consideration.

3 months ago

I totally agree. I use a color system that works for me, but some banks use the same colors as their visual identity, making the look impractical

2 months ago