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UI Redesign, in order to match Android 14 "Material You" modern and clean aesthetics#391


It may seem like a waste of time to modernize the app aesthetic, when we can spend this time to improve a little bit more on other functionality… But is about time.

The design is reminiscent of Android 9, currently Android 14 have new design rules and tools that developers can quickly and easily utilize to modernize and keep up to date with the Android vision and provide consistency across apps.

More attention to small details like:

1)Hiding Android system navigation bar
2)Automatic system light/dark theme
3)Material You icon support
4)Material You widget support

The small details done right, have the most impact on the user experience.

From a business perspective, Google automatically promotes your app more on the PlayStore if your design code is up to date.
Is a Win-Win BudgetBaker, Please consider hiring someone else if your current design developers are too busy.

It’s about time!

8 months ago

Biometric Authentication, face unlock on Android has been present since Android 13 i think, The wallet app needs to implement that as a security feature

8 months ago

Yes this 🙏🙏

2 months ago

Additionally it would be awesome if there were few more home screen widgets and a better filtering on dashboard and a better UI for dashboard to match Android 14 UI

4 days ago